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I dont understand all the worry about net neutrality, because

[Please make a £100 donation to AT&T for completion of this joke.

Did you hear the judge's recent linguistic faux pas, when they were addressing a recently convicted defendant?

I Order you to serve 2 years incarcerated, 2 years active probation, 1 year of passive probation, 400 hours of community service, evidence of completion of an education service approved by the court, submit to a mental health evaluation..., etc., etc..

Yeah, it was a run-on sentence.

Call me the 7th noble gas.

Cuz I'm Og.

(yay for the completion of the 7th row of the periodic table!)

Today marks the completion of the Mexican presidents official jet...

Air Force Juan

yo mama so fat

that a recursive algorithm to calculate her mass suffers from a stack overflow error before completion.

How would you rate an average upholstery job upon completion?

Eh. Sew-sew.

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