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Breaking News: In a press media briefing, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has stated...

"Since we cannot beat our competitors, we have resorted to beating our customers".

What do the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2016 US presidential race have in common?

Half of the competitors cheat and the other half aren't qualified.

What do you call competitors of McDonald's?

Arch enemies.

Competitors joke, What do you call competitors of McDonald's?

Which country brought the most competitors to the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Brazil. They brought 8 Brazilian athletes.

Treadmill sellers are stiff competitors.

They give you a run for your money.

What's the difference between the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2016 US presedential race?

The Olympic competitors are qualified.

So Sports Authority is going out of business.

I hear their competitors are real Dicks.

Competitors joke, So Sports Authority is going out of business.

Our government don't like thieves

They hate competitors

YouTube is the nicest company ever...

They just want to even the playing field so their competitors have a chance to catch up to them.

The deliveryman in the elevator.

A deliveryman whose company has competitors such as FedEx, and who also happened to be born with an extra chromosome, was in an elevator along with one of the residents of the apartment.

The deliveryman was asked: "So, how are you liking your job these days?"

He replied: "Oh, you know, it has its UPS and Down's."

Why did the vacuum company get banned by its competitors?

Performance enhancing rugs.

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This kneeling during the national anthem thing is getting really out of hand.

Now even the competitors of the Paralympics are doing it.

Farmers these days need to feed their cows marijuana to create a better tasting steak than their competitors

It seems these days the steaks could never be higher.

The CEO of Crest was caught spying on one of their competitors...

It's being called the "Colgate Scandal".

Have you guys heard about that new broom that's sweeping the nation?

I heard it literally leaves its competitors in the dust!

To all Mozilla brethren....And I'm one of em!

Why would Mozilla Thunderbird be afraid to feature any innovative security device before it's competitors on the web?
Cause the early bird gets the worm

Competitors joke, To all Mozilla brethren....And I'm one of em!

There is a jiu jitsu competition to see who can break the largest board with their fist. The judge asks all competitors to stand behind the first contestant, but no one listens.

There is no punch line.

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