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Did you hear about the French fencer who frequently spent time in the USA for competitions?

He eventually applied for duel citizenship.

I have two friends who always compete against each other in art competitions

But they always end in a draw

I can't handle the pressure of competitions.

Even in eating races I choke!

Competitions joke, I can't handle the pressure of competitions.


How did the Bread contest end? Stalemate.

What about the weed smoking contest? There were *joint* winners!

What about the competition to see who could locate Bangkok the quickest on a map? Was a Thai.

And that sketching contest? A draw.

I don't know what all these "Nutrition Facts" competitions are on the back of all my food.

But Fat is always winning.

I want to train a little person to be a champion of eating competitions. I've got him an outfitβ€”but what should I call him?

Gnome Chomsky

How often do fart competitions happen?


Competitions joke, How often do fart competitions happen?

My wife is really good when it comes to bread baking competitions

She's the real bread winner in our household

If you ever feel like your job is meaningless, remember

There are lifeguards at olympic swimming competitions

During all future Olympic competitions...

I want there to be a regular person competing in every event as a benchmark, just so I know how Olympians compare to average people.

Why does the broom always win in competitions?

it usually ends up sweeping the floor wherever it goes.

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