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  1. Hey, boss, my salary is not compatible with my skills! I know that, but I can't let you starve to death
  2. My friends say I'm a lot like an Iphone I peaked in 2008 and I'm not compatible with anyone else.
  3. Since you can get on the train from any station Does that make them compatible across platforms?
  4. What's the difference between JPop and kpop? JPop isn't compatible with Keurig brand coffemakers.
  5. A bystander offered to give a bleeding man some blood. When the EMTs asked him if he was sure his blood was compatible, he replied,
    "O, positive."
  6. What do you get when you cross a shark and an alligator? Nothing, they're not genetically compatible.
  7. I worry that my new girlfriend and I aren't compatible at the moment. Until I get a better pump.
  8. At first, I wasn't sure if my wife and I would be s**... compatible, but she assured me she knew what I would like. She was right... ...she had me pegged from the start.
  9. Back in 1999 I saw a couple of computer programmers in a s**... shop. I asked them, "Hey, are you two K-Y compatible?"

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  1. What do you call a gay robot? Backwards Compatible!
  2. What's the sign most of people are compatible With? The dollar sign
  3. Much like Apple products, I also, am only compatible with myself.
  4. My Ex and i weren't compatible, i'm an Aquarius and she was a b**....
  5. What do s**... women and Windows have in common? They're both backwards compatible.

Compatible joke, What do s**... women and Windows have in common?

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If animal organs were compatible with humans...

Your dog would offer you his kidney even if he only had one that worked.
Your cat would show up one morning with 37 kidneys in a sack and tell you to pick one.

A man and woman get a divorce.

They go to the courthouse and the judge wants to hear why they want a divorce.
The woman starts and says that they are too compatible. She says how they like the same movies, music, sports, books, and hobbies.
The judge perplexed asks why this is grounds for divorce.
She says the compatibility is just too good that they even like the same men.

God and Jesus are playing a game on their PlayStations.

God and Jesus are playing a game on their PlayStations. Jesus gets a text from l**... that he wants to join them online. Jesus asks God if that's okay. God knows that it won't work because l**... plays on X-box.
He tells Jesus that l**... isn't cross-compatible.

How many Mac owners does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One. He or she just stands there holding the bulb out waiting for the world to revolve around them..... or goes out and buys an adapter first to make the bulb compatible!

Backwards Compatibility.

People hated on the new console generation because they weren't backwards compatible, the Internet practically crucified Sony and Microsoft. But really people have always been like this.
Did you see what they did to that Jesus guy when he announced Christianity was no longer backwards compatible with Judaism?

Compatible joke, What do s**... women and Windows have in common?