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  1. How does NASA organize their company parties? They planet.
    [Please take pity on me i am very unfunny :(]
  2. Why aren't accountants ever invited to company swim parties? Their job requires that they point out any shrinkage.
  3. Why did the lawyer have to dress as Santa on his company's christmas party? Because he didn't read the Santa Clause.
  4. My friends dies the other night on the way home from the company Christmas party. They died doing what they loved Getting drunk and driving really fast.
  5. If the British shortbread company opened up a branch in Austin and then threw a huge party to celebrate... would be a Walkers: Texas rager
  6. I rang my insurance company to let them know I was going to a b**... party. They assured me I would be covered.

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Company Party One Liners

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  1. The cellphone company invited me to their party but there turned out to be no reception.
  2. What does NASA do for company parties?
  3. Why don't you invite a Comcast worker to your party? Because nobody likes his company!

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Bert, the oldest guy at the company was retiring...

At his retirement party, as a surprise, a large cake was rolled out, and a s**..., scantly clad woman jumped out! The woman called him over and whispered, "Hey there s**..., you want some super s**... tonight?"
"Well", said Bert, "that depends, what sort of soup?"

We did our company Christmas party online this year and my coworkers were surprised at my incredibly detailed tattoo. They refused to believe me when I told them it was done in Madrid, before the pandemic...

Nobody expected the Spanish ink precision...

An old man wants to get life insurance

The employee working at the insurance company asks:
'How old are you, sir?'
'I'm 102.'
'102?! And you wanna get life insurance at *your* age? You know what? Come back tomorrow.'
'Tomorrow ain't good. We'll be celebrating my dad's birthday.'
'Your dad's birthday?! How old is he?'
'He's 139.'
'Okay, come back next week then.'
'Next week is definitely a bad time for me. We're gonna have a week-long party for my grandfather's wedding.'
'Your grandfather's weddig?! How old is he?'
'He's 164.'
'And he wants to get married at *his* age?'
'Nah, he doesn't, it's just that his parents are forcing him...'

Jack and Sue

The manager of a company has to make a hard choice, whether or fire Jack or Sue. They are both superb workers, but the company has been running into hard times.
The manager decides that whomever drinks from the cooler first will be laid off the following morning.
Sue, who always comes in bright and early, had a horrible hangover from partying to hard last night, and goes to the fountain to drink some water with her advil.
The manager walks up to her, sighs and tells her, "Sue, I'm sorry. I either have to lay you or j**...."
Turning to face the manager, Sue smiles and says, "Please just j**..., my head is killing me."

Three old ladies are boasting about their children.

One says:
"I am so proud of my son! He worked very hard to become a lawyer, and now he is very successful, earning a lot of money. But he is also very generous. Recently, he just gave one of his fiends a brand new ferrari as a present!"
The other says:
"I am very proud of my son as well. He has started a company, worked very hard, and now he is a president of a large corporation. Be he is very generous too, recenty he gave one of his friends a villa on the rivera!"
The third one sighs:
"I wish I could be proud of my son, but he achieved nothing. He is lazy and only goes to parties. And I also found out that he is gay. But I don't know where he gets the money, but he always seems to have plenty, and recently someone gave him a new ferrari and a villa at the riviera as a present".

Guy gets sick of the rat race and...

....moves to the country. After about six months, he gets a little lonely for company so he's happy when a nearby farmer comes over.
They're sitting on the porch having a couple beers when the farmer asks,
*"Would you like to come to a party at my house next friday?"*
Guy says, *"sure, sounds fun."*
Farmer says, *"But there'll probably be loud music."*

Guy says, *"Cool with me."*

Farmer says, *"And a lot of drinking, that's how it is."*

Guy looks at his beer and nods his head.
Farmer says, *"Gotta watch out, sometimes there's a little fightin'."*

Guy says *"I can handle my own. Sounds fun."*

Farmer says, *"And if you're lucky, might be a little s**....."*

Guy says *"Now I can't wait. Next friday? What should I wear?"*

Farmer says, *"Whatever. Just gonna be you and me."*