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After much debate comparing early black communities to modern during all these officer related shootings

They have decided water hoses weren't so bad

I don't know why some people are so against jokes about the Nazi's

They kill in the Jewish communities

Why is Columbus a slang term for cocaine in Native American communities?

Because it's white and kills them.

Nintendo Labo plans to appeal to less frequently targeted groups, including Jewish communities and Zelda fans.

Racist: What sign appears on abortion clinics in black communities?

"Crime Prevention Center"

What do you call the new policing strategy of communities such as Ferguson, Missouri?

A shot in the dark.

You know what the most popular game was in jewish communities back in the 1930's and 40's ?

Hide n' seek

You know what they say in the hardcore rounding communities...

Every whole's a goal 😏

Apparently these anti vaxxer only communities aren't all that great after all

People are literally dying to get out of there.

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