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We should've known communism would fail.

There were a lot of red flags.

Stalin, Kruschev, and Brezhnev are riding a train when it suddenly grinds to a halt.

Stalin says, "I know what to do. We shoot the conductor, the ticket collector, and ten passengers at random. Then the train will run again."

"No, I have a better idea," says Kruchev. "We tell everyone on the train that true communism is just around the corner! Then the train will run again."

"Tovarishi, you're trying too hard," Brezhnev cuts in. "We simply close the curtains, lean back and have a vodka, and *pretend* the train is running!"

I heard this joke from a foreign tour woman of a museum of Communism in Russia...

[Apparently this was a real joke told by anti-communist citizens when Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union]

Have you tried Stalin bacon before?

*I'm not sure.. I don't think so...*

Well, I know for certain that you haven't - the pig's not dead yet.

What's the difference between communism and capitalism?

In the former, man exploits man, in the latter, it's exactly the opposite.

jokes about communism

Two nudists are sitting on the porch

Two older nudist men are sitting on the porch, having a discussion about communism. One man turns and says, "Have you read Marx?"
The other man replies, "Yes, I believe it's these wicker chairs."

We should've known about the failure of communism

In retrospect, there were a lot of red flags...

They really should have predicted the fall of Communism sooner.

After all, there were plenty of red flags.

Communism joke, They really should have predicted the fall of Communism sooner.

Old Soviet Joke

Little Boy: What will Communism be like when perfected?

His Father: Everyone will have what he needs.

Little Boy: But what if there is a shortage of meat?

His Father: There will be a sign in the butcher shop saying, "No one needs meat today."

"If my country starts to veer towards communism"...

"Then Soviet"

I used to go to communism classes.

I never really got good Marx.

In high school, I presented a project on communism

I thought I would get terrible marx for stalin but the teacher was pretty leninent.

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Your Momma is like Communism

no class

Your mom is like Communism.

No class and everybody shares her.

Socialism or Communism are the only path to evolution, and Capitalism is the root of all evil.

> Sent from my iPhone 7

I was forced to drop out of communism class...

I wasn't Lenin anything, my grades were Stalin, and my Marx were terrible!

I wrote a poem about communism for my English class

I had to share it with everyone

Communism joke, I wrote a poem about communism for my English class

Why doesn't communism work in a school enviroment?

Because everyone would get the same Marx.

Capitalism has many problems but communism only has 3

- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner

(Original) What do Jesus Christ and Communism have in common?

They both fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

My friend ask me for my thoughts on Communism

I told him, "I will not share."

Why didn't people get laid during Communism?

The State seized the means of **re**production

If communism doesn't work, why do so many people still support it?

They don't work either.

Why did everyone hate communism?

I'd give it full Marx

Why did it Take so long For Russia to abolish Communism?

The Leader was Stalin

What is communism?

- Let me explain.. If you had 2 yachts and your friend had none, wouldn't you give him one?
- Of course.
- Well, that's communism. Another example, if you had 2 homes and your friend had none, wouldn't you give him one?
- Of course I would.
- See, its easy. If you had 2 coats for example and your friend had none, wouldn't you give him one?
- No!
- No? Why not?
- Because I *do* have 2 coats

Stalin should have known that Communism wouldn't work.

I mean, there were red flags everywhere.

Communism joke, Stalin should have known that Communism wouldn't work.

Y'know, communism is definitely the best system of government.

Nowadays it costs one hundred dollars just to go camping for a night. In the Soviet Union you could go to camp forever, and it was free.

Veganism is like Communism

They are both fine, unless you like food

Its no wonder communism failed

there were so many red flags

Why did communism fail the exam?

Because it lost Marx.

Why is Communism one of the most ironic words?

It's Capitalized

Why should communism always be lower case?

So that it's not capitalized

I did really well on my essay about communism.

People think they're funny by asking "did you get high Marx?" Actually, I did well because I approached the topic from all Engels.

We should've known communism was doomed to fall.

There were a lot of red flags.

It was obvious that Communism would fail.

There were just so many red flags.

What does the F in Communism stand for


Puns about communism aren't funny

Unless everyone gets them

Stalin should've known communism was a bad thing

There were red flags everywhere

How funny are jokes about communism?

Equally as funny as any other joke.

Lol just spent the last 3 hours kinda piecing this together, hope someone likes it.

[A LITTLE SPICY] Why is Communism better than Fascism?

In Fascism, minorities suffer and are discriminated, while in Communism, everyone suffers!

Communism doesn't work for me.

It works for us.

Communism is a System That Looks Pretty Great on Paper.

Unless of course, that paper makes up the pages of a History book.

A joke about Communism isn't funny...

...unless everyone gets it.

I made a meme about communism

But then I realized that to be more accurate it should be called an usus instead of a meme

Communism jokes aren't funny unless everyone gets it.

I didn't steal this joke. This is *OUR* joke.

communism jokes aren't funny

unless everyone gets it.

It's okay to make jokes about Communism

But only if everyone gets the joke.

A little son asks his father what a communism is...

...and the father starts explaining:

"Well, son, once upon a time there was this man named Lenin, except his real name was Uljanov. He had a friend named Stalin, except he wasn't his friend and his name was Dzugashvili. They started the October revolution, except it wasn't a revolution, it was a coup, and it wasn't in october, it was in november..."

"Jesus, dad, what a mess!" proclaims the son.

"Son, now you understand communism!"

Fact of the day: Stalin actually knew Communism won't work

There were red flags everywhere

Guys we should stop posting jokes about Communism.

It's wrong until everyone gets it.

I took a communism test today.

I got full Marx

Communism jokes aren't funny unless everyone gets them

Will anyone get this?

How did we know that Communism was bad from the start?

Because of all the red flags.

It should be obvious to everyone that communism won't work.

I mean seriously, there were so many red flags.

There's only one occasion that Communism jokes are actually funny.

When everyone gets them.

The Brit asked his Chinese friend "What's your favorite thing about Communism?" He smiled and said


Communism jokes just aren't funny

That is, unless everyone gets them

I was in Russia listening to a stand-up comedian making fun of Putin and communism

The jokes weren't that good, but I liked the execution.

Difference between capitalism and communism

Q: What's the difference between capitalism and communism?
A: Under capitalism, Man exploits Man. Under communism, it is exactly the opposite.

A man in Russia is asked by his wife to go get some sugar.

So he goes and he waits all day in a line. When he finally gets to the front of it, they tell him they're out. And he starts yelling. "This war is stupid! This is like being back in the bad old days, living under communism again!"

At once a policeman approaches him and says "Friend, be silent. You know, back in the bad old days, if you said such a thing aloud, well... you would have been shot. Just be glad things are different now."

So the man went home and his wife said "Were they out of sugar?"

And he said, "Yes! And also bullets!"

how do we know communism was doomed from the beginning?

All the red flags

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