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Funniest Common Sense Short Jokes

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  1. You know that tingly sensation you get when you like somebody? That's common sense leaving your body.
  2. Does anyone know what the movies titanic and The Sixth Sense have in common? Icy dead people
  3. What's the name for a phobia of chainsaws? Common sense
    (my 9-year-old just came and shared that gem with me)
  4. What do Logan Paul and the kid from The Sixth Sense have in common? Their careers ended after seeing dead people.
  5. First, we bought toilet paper for a respiratory virus because we lack common sense. Now, we have a nationwide coin shortage, which means we lack common cents!
  6. In tech support, we get asked questions that seem like common sense. Today I told a guy "CTRL-P"... ...but he didn't make it to the bathroom.
  7. (This one's a tad dark… you've been warned) What do the movies The 6th Sense and Titanic have in common? Icy dead people
  8. Tingly feeling You know that nice tingly feeling you get when you're falling for someone?
    That's common sense leaving your body.
  9. What do the bad parts of American history and common sense have in common? They are being wiped from existence.
  10. Common sense is like a plane. It goes over most people's heads.

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Common Sense One Liners

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  1. Mathematics is 90% common sense, the other half is intelligence.
  2. What does titanic and the sixth sense have in common? Icy dead people
  3. What do the movies The Sixth Sense and Titanic have in common? Icy dead people
  4. What is the fear of chainsaws called? Common sense
  5. What is the Phobia for chainsaws called? Common sense
  6. What do you call the fear of chainsaws? Common Sense.
    I'll show myself out...
  7. What is the phobia of "getting married" called? Common sense.
  8. If 'trypanophobia' is the fear of needles, what is a phobia of chainsaws? "Common Sense"
  9. What do you call a phobia of machetes? Common sense
  10. What's another name for an irrational fear of clowns? Common sense.
  11. What do Mount Everest and The Sixth Sense have in common? They both have icy dead people.
  12. What do The Sixth Sense and Mount Everest have in common? Icy dead people!
  13. What is the scientific name for the fear of the chainsaws? Common sense.
  14. Common sense is like dial-up internet access It hasn't been used in years
  15. Common sense It is like deodorant. Those who need it the most don't have it.

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Did you hear about the man with five keen senses?
He still lacked common and horse!

What does the NFL have in common with Brokeback Mountain?

The Cowboys s**....

What has happened to common sense these days?

Its become nothing but pocket change.

New study shows some can drink bleach.

A new study shows that people who do not possess common sense instead possess the ability to drink bleach without effect. The name for this newly discovered ability is called "natural selection"

I don't understand why certain people don't get communist jokes

All it takes is a little common sense.

What do religions and gender have in common?

You hear about a new one every day and none of them make any sense.

Common sense student Jokes

Father to son: How did you write your exam?
Son: They had asked questions which I didn't know, so I wrote answer which they will not know

What do you call a fear of deadly snakes?

Common sense.

How much common sense does a catholic church have?


A man was fired from the mint for m**... near the coins.

He said it wasn't fair; there was no common sense.

A man goes to a doctor after being hit by a car...

Dr. : How did it happen?
Man: I was sunbathing when a female driver ran over me.
Dr. : I would say it's your fault. It's common sense not to sunbathe in the lawn when you know there are female drivers on the road.
Man: But doctor I was sunbathing on the roof!

My boss asked me if I had any common sense...

I told him that I have 5, but smelling and hearing im regretting right about now.

What does a white supremacist have in common with someone with poor fashion sense?

Inferior genes.

What do Star Wars and the Bible have in common?

They each have a lot of books that are fine on their own, but once you put them together they start making a lot less sense.

What do the Titanic and sixth sense have in common?

They both have that sinking feeling
(*Bu dum tss*)

How much money do people with no common sense have?

A penny and and no cents.

What is extremely rare but people think it's very common?


There are two type of people

Those who can use common sense to find out what the next part of the joke is

Two guys walk into a bar

One of them says to the bartender ,"I'll have H2O" . The other guy says, "I'll have H20 too"
They both drink water because the bartender has enough common sense to not serve shots of hydrogen peroxide at a bar

That tingly little feeling that you get when you think you are in love...

That's your common sense leaving your body!

What does you call a person without 5 senses (hearing, smell, taste, feel, and hear)?

A person without *common* sense.

Obscure Phobias 41. What do you call the Fear of Power Tools?

Common Sense.

What do Canadians call a Kumon teacher in Japan?

It's common-sense, eh?

How do you call a fear of snakes?

Common sense.

During a biology exam a student has to list three pros of breast milk.

He's unprepared, but starts looking for common sense answers and writes down:
- Contains all the nutrients a baby needs,
- Doesn't need heating,
But he still needs one more. And just as the time is about to run out, the student writes:
- Has great packaging.

I had a job offer in Newark, but I heard it's dangerous...

So I called a friend of a friend who lives there. He said, "It has a bad reputation, but if you use basic caution and common sense, it can be a fun, vibrant place to live."
I said, "Cool! By the way, what do you do there?"
He said, "I'm a tail gunner on a bread truck."

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