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The Best Commies Puns

do commies write everything in lower case?

you know beacause they hate capitalism

Two guys from the 50's

Two guys from the 50's were talking out front of one's house.
The first neighbor says to the other, " what do you think of that new family, the Petrov's?"
The second neighbor looks at him and replies, " I don't know if they're commies Teddy, but they sure do raise a lot of red flags."


Why do policemen(considered idiots) walk in groups of 3?
One knows how to read, one knows how to write and the other one oversees the intellectuals.

What do alien commies believe in?


What did Ayn Rand write after finally getting slipped a mickey by bloodthristy commies?

Atlas Drugged

I'll show myself out

Why are some Commies bad at stats?

They fail to seize the *mean*s of production.

What did commies war to light their houses before candles?

Light bulbs.

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