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Top 10 of the Funniest Commentary Jokes and Puns

My son just told me that he and his girlfriend are finished.

I don't need a running commentary of their sex life.

What is green, has four legs and would kill you if it fell on to you from a tree in the jungle?

A snooker table. (Courtesy of Leigh Hart on the Alternative Commentary Collective during the New Zealand v South Africa Cricket World Cup semi-final)

I always thought I was stupid...

Then I read the commentary.

Commentary joke, I always thought I was stupid...

Did you hear about Mike Tyson's opinion on ears?

He had some biting commentary on the matter.

Vincent Price's Stance on Abortion

"Morally, I'm against it. But if one is happening, I like to watch."

-Bill Hader as Vincent Price on the commentary track for Knocked Up

I for one am happy that Tony Romo is getting the credit he deserves for his commentary of NFL games

He's finally found something he's good at

What do Firestorm and a threesome have in common?

They both involve sharing a body, getting very hot and getting annoying commentary in your ear.

Commentary joke, What do Firestorm and a threesome have in common?

Did you hear about the new Comedy Central show?

a polar bear offers his commentary about current events. Its called the Cold Bear Report!

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