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The Best Commen Puns

I just said "No comment" all the way through the police interview.

I didn't get the job.

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The comments about Mitch McConnell looking like a turtle without a shell are particularly apt...

since he's clearly missing his spine.

I commented on a ELI5 about occam's razor.

My answer wasn't long enough and was flagged by the moderator-bot.

A comment on police killing young black men.

Things would get better if everyone lightened up.

Comment found on an FB
pic of a new born baby

"Hey kid, Spoiler Alert: Life sucks."

Did you see my comment about that deflated balloon?

It really blew up

In the comments section.

This is apparently almost always the best joke, so I thought I'd post it for upvotes.

I was going to comment on a post earlier about handicapped people but I didn't.

All the comments were disabled.

One comment and...

I'll quit my job!

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