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What's the difference between an ER doctor and an editor?

One has patients with comas, the other has patience with commas.

Come on, Grandma!

Thank goodness for commas.

Remember where to put your commas kids...

There's a big difference between helping your old uncle Jack, off his horse...

Commas joke, Remember where to put your commas kids...

Things I hate: lists, Oxford commas, and irony.

Why do the Germans use commas in place of decimal points?

Because it makes 6,000,000 seem like a much smaller number.

What do you call it when Christopher Walken uses too much punctuation?

"...a, Tragedy, of, the Commas!"

Did you know that commas can change the meaning of a sentence?

For example : Mr.Walter is in a comma

Commas joke, Did you know that commas can change the meaning of a sentence?

A man has been found guilty of overusing commas

The judge warned him to expect a very long sentence.

Commas can change the meaning of a sentence.


I like to eat apples. ---> I like to eat commas.

Did you know using too many commas is now illegal....

You can end up with a very lengthy sentence.

What do you call three consecutive commas in a text conversation?

Trying to make a point.

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Commas really change the meaning to a sentence

For example:

Ben is in a hurry vs Ben is in a comma

Commas save lives

I love to cook my family and my pets.

I love cooking dogs and children.

But I hate using commas.

Found a better reason for commas than accidentally helping uncle jack off a horse.

"fuckin' A, baby" and "fuckin' a baby".

Colons can drastically change the meanings of sentences, far more than commas.

For example,

I come in a car

I come in a colon

Commas joke, Colons can drastically change the meanings of sentences, far more than commas.

My three favourite things

My 3 favourite things are eating my family and not using commas

Commas are important people

Unless you consider them human, too.

My Favorite Things Are...

Eating my family and forgetting to use commas.

*Note: this is not mine, I heard it from a friend.*

Commas matter

Let's listen to the doors.


Let's listen to the commadoors

Commas can really change a sentence

For example:
John is in a hurry
John is in a coma

Commas in a sentence can change everything.

I helped my uncle jack, off a horse.

I helped my uncle jack off a horse.

"Come on mom!"

Yet another lesson in the importance of commas.

Commas can really change the meaning of a sentence

For example:

Let's eat, grandma
Grandma is in a coma

My four favorite things

My four favorite things are chicken pot pie and omitting commas.

If not using commas was a crime

would it result in long sentences?

I've got another example of the importance of Oxford commas:

I passed a headstone the other day which read, "Here lies Tyler Goetz, a lawyer and a good man."


I just can't believe the three of them agreed on such ambiguous syntax.

I once knew a guy who would always use periods rather than commas.

He was a peri-od dude.

Why do communists not use commas?

Because they show owner ship

Commas can change the meaning of a sentence drastically

Let's eat, Grandma.

Let's eat commas.

Things I love

I love eating my parents and not using commas

Why do sperm cells look like commas and apostrophes?

They often interrupt periods and lead to contractions.

My three favorite things are eating my family

and not using commas

My three favorite things are eating my family

and omitting commas.

Common English Mistakes

Common English Mistakes

-mixing up there, their, and they're

-using the wrong too, to, or two

-putting commas in the wrong place

-enslaving innocent people and stealing their riches

-using apostrophes for plurals

I was a really poor student...

My English teacher once told me that he loves cooking children and pets. He also tried to teach me about commas being really important but I didn't pay attention to that part.

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