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Army commando recruitment - from India

A Man was being interviewed for the post of a Commando in Army.

Interviewer: "We want a person with a suspicious mind; always alert, merciless; ready to attack; high sense of hearing & most importantly; having a killer instinct. So Do you think you are eligible?"

Man: "No Sir; but can my Wife apply?"

Why do witches go commando when riding around on their brooms?

Better grip.

Happy Halloween :)

What do you call the president when he is not wearing underwear?

The commando in chief.

Commando joke, What do you call the president when he is not wearing underwear?

What kind of underwear do the GI Joes wear?

None, they go commando.

What do you call a Jewish person that doesn't wear underwear?

An Israeli commando!

What do you call a Hebrew commando?

GI Jew

Some dude went to a Halloween party dressed as Santa.

He was approached by someone who said "Really? You dressed as Santa?"
The man replied "Almost. You see, I went commando."
The person was surprised at the response. So he asked "why does that change anything?"
The man smiled, and slyly replied "Today, I am dressed as Saint Knicker-less"

Commando joke, Some dude went to a Halloween party dressed as Santa.

What do you call a crossdressing man who always goes commando?


What does a General wear to bed

Nothing, he goes commando

Doctors advice

My doctor told me that going commando was healthy, but I got 20years in jail instead. Somehow I think killing my infant brother with my dads bowie knife was'nt what he meant.

Have you heard the latest news about the remake of Arnie's classic film Commando?

The lead role has been given to Knickerless Cage.

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Why did the witch go commando?

She needed some better grip on her broomstick.

What is Victoria's Secret?

She goes commando and sell her panties.

My girlfriend replaced all her panties with invisible ones, because they're fashionable.

But now she can't find them anywhere, leaving her no choice but to go commando everyday.

What is it called when Rambo won't answer your phone calls?

He's an incommunicado commando

What's the difference between a commando and a pastry chef?

One goes in guns blazing, the other goes in buns glazing!

Commando joke, What's the difference between a commando and a pastry chef?

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