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My commander told me he didn't see me at camo practice.

I said "Thanks."

Who is second in command in the kitchen at a Native American owned restaurant?

The Sioux chef

The commander at the Venus space station told his Flight Engineer

I want this issue resolved next year, not tomorrow!

Comman joke, The commander at the Venus space station told his Flight Engineer

What did the commander say to his troops?

March 4th

What would God's 10 commandments be called in 2018?

Top 10 Commandments from God©

Today's the Command Day

March Fourth

The command prompt was...

...the precursor

Comman joke, The command prompt was...

The Third Commandment

"Don't believeth everything thou readst on the Internet"

Who is the commander of cheese?


Know what command Syberia gives that makes her a good policewoman during winter?


What did the commander say to his crusaders before they fell asleep?

Knight, knight

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What are the 10 commandments in Australia?

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