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I made an Undertale comic, but it's all about sans

Well, I guess, you can call it Comic Sans

What do you call a bus on its way to Comic Con?

Virgin Mobile

So this one time I offered some shrimp to this Jewish friend of mine...

Me: This shrimp is great. Wanna try some?

Friend: Sorry, I'm Jewish.

Me: No, it's free!

Comic joke, So this one time I offered some shrimp to this Jewish friend of mine...

someone tried to tell stan lee this joke during his panel at comic con this week end

what do you call spiderman when he quits the daily bugal and starts working as a valet?

peter PARKER.

Did you hear about the chemist turned stand-up comic?

He didn't last too long; his jokes didn't get the best reactions.

Why are artists the only guys who can sleep with comedians?

Because drawing is the only way to make a comic strip.

My 8 year old brother's best joke.

What animal will you always see at a resturant?


I think my brother is a future stand-up comic.

Comic joke, My 8 year old brother's best joke.

Why was the comic book series depressed?

Because it had too many issues.

Comic Sans walks into a bar.

The bartender yells, "we don't serve your type in here."

What do comic book collectors use in their hair?

Mint conditioner.

Found a wooden shoe in my toilet

it was clogged

saw on last comic standing

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DC Comics to end production of Wonder Woman after DEA claims

They stated the movie would have attracted to many people to a strong form of Heroine.

I don't mind comic sans.

It's honestly a very well rounded font.

What's Caitlyn Jenner's favorite comic book?


What do you call a comic book hero that is constantly hooked on having sex with female superheroes?

A heroine addict.

A black lesbian, an obese white neck-beard, and an Indian comic walk into a bar. What do you get?

A Netflix original series!

Comic joke, A black lesbian, an obese white neck-beard, and an Indian comic walk into a bar. What do you get?

What do you call a group of senior Japanese comedians?

Comic Sans

In awkward situations I'll sometimes break out my braille version of Calvin and Hobbes.

You know - comic relief.

My friends and I are all dressing as different Robin Williams characters at a Comic Con this weekend...

We're the Suicide Squad!

Why are the "sans" family of fonts so serious?

No one wants to be comic sans.

What do you call a stand-up comedian with no legs?

A prop comic

A man is going to comic con

He's just throwing around cosplay ideas with his wife, and then he exclaims, "Oh! I could be the Comedian from Watchmen!"
To which his wife replies, "Babe, you don't need to dress up to be a minuteman.."

San Diego Comic Con and Dragoncon are going to pull their resources and merge into one event.

But it was called off because no one was happy with the con fusion.

I wore my "Gandalf for President" shirt to the comic convention.

It got a lot of support, but some were turned off by my candidate's hard stance on immigration.

I got a job as a stand up with a comic sans resume, but i lost my CV

Now im a comic sans resume

Who Is Jay Gatsby's Favorite Comic Book Character?


I buy every comic book I see. . .

My friends say I have lots of issues.

I saw thor reading a thor comic...

to be honest, I think it might be a metathor.

My girlfriend and I were moving each others comic book collection and now we both have to see a chiropractor.

Because we both have back issues.

An advertiser for coke is dispatched to Israel

When he comes back, his friend asks him how it went. He replies that it did not go well.

"What happened?" his friend asked.

"Well, since I didn't know hebrew, I decided to convey the ad through a comic. The first panel showed a guy in a desert, dying of thirst. The secone panel showed him drinking coke. And the third panel showed him completely rejuvenated."

"That sounds great! Why didn't it work?"

"Nobody told me they read right to left!"

*Politics* Year 2019, two inmates are talking in a prison:

\- What are you here for?

\- I wrote a comic strip saying that our president was an idiot.

\- Did they charge you under an article for rioting or harassment then?

\- For disclosure of classified information.

There is definitely something wrong with comic book collectors...

They have issues, man.

Bloom County

I used to read Bloom County (a comic strip).

Remember when they put Donald Trump's brain in Bill the Cat?

Who's laughing now.

A comedian walks into a bathroom

It's a comic relief.

Did you hear about the standup comic who was just released from prison?

Yeah, Gilbert got freed.

(I apologize to Gilbert.)

I got a comically small deck of playing cards for my birthday.

It wasn't a big deal.

Comic: Have you heard about the new corduroy pillows?

Victim: No. I have not heard about the new corduroy pillows.
Comic: Really? I find that very surprising because they are making headlines everywhere!

I wrote an Undertale manga recently...

It's written in Comic Sans.

"Hey, Bill, what do you think of this new super-hero comic I'm working on? It's about an ant-size tangent line that has x-ray vision."

"Sounds cool, but isn't that a little derivative?"

Stan Lee stopped by my rooftop apartment to check out my comic collection. Things were fine until he saw my pet parrots; he suddenly started blubbering! I pointed out there were parrots in the foyer as well, & they didn't affect him. For some reason, only my parrots upset him. Now I'm wondering...

...why do birds sadden Lee up here?

When is was a kid, mum used to send me the shops wtih 50p. i could come home with a chicken, 2 pints of milk, 6 eggs, 2 packs of bacon and a comic book...

You can't do this nowadays though because of CCTV.

My relationship with a comic book collector didn't turn out well

They had a lot of issues

My girlfriend just dumped me because of my superman comic collection.

She said I have too many issues.

I feel sorry for comic book collectors.

They have so many issues

A comic with the measles did a set at an anti-vaxxers conference.

Needless to say he killed.

I went to buy an Invisible Man comic yesterday.

I couldn't see any.

Every time I go to a comic convention in my normal clothes, people ask me who I'm going as. I finally have an answer...

Thanks to Marvel, I'm going as a Skrull in disguise...

Arial, Papyrus and Comic Sans walk into a bar and the bartender says

Hey, we don't serve your type here

I can't believe Comic Con 2020 got cancelled because of covid 19!

It was the one group of people who were 100% guaranteed to wear masks.

Who was the dad's favorite comic book hero?

The Pun-isher.

My older brother always tore the last pages of my comic books, and never told me why.

I had to draw my own conclusions.

What did the new comic say to the mic?

Thanks for the feedback.

Comic sans and Times new Roman walk into a bar...

Get out! yells the bartender. We don't serve your type!

All the comic books I got from my older brother had the last page missing.

I had to draw my own conclusions.

Lately, whenever I read a comic strip about Charlie Brown or Snoopy I break out in hives.

I think I'm allergic to Peanuts.

All the comic books I inherited from my older brother had their last pages missing.

I had to draw my own conclusions.

Why did the Mallard fail as a comic?

His humor was too fowl.

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