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  1. someone tried to tell stan lee this joke during his panel at comic con this week end what do you call spiderman when he quits the daily bugal and starts working as a valet?
    peter PARKER.
  2. I can't believe Comic Con 2020 got cancelled because of covid 19! It was the one group of people who were 100% guaranteed to wear masks.
  3. San Diego Comic Con and Dragoncon are going to pull their resources and merge into one event. But it was called off because no one was happy with the con fusion.
  4. I remember when I went to Comic-Con... It was so dark in there, I had to take a picture with The Flash...
  5. I heard PAX and Comic Con won't be merging after all... They wanted to avoid so much.... con-fusion.
  6. This year's Comic-Con will be hosted in Hawaii in the hopes that sacrificing a few virgins will appease the angry volcano god.
  7. Got stuck on the highway when the engine blew on the way to Comic Con. It was a nerd bus breakdown.
  8. They're gonna put San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con together, but people didn't quite get it They said it was con-fusing
  9. Why Couldn't the Painter Make Money at Comic-Con? Nobody wanted to deal with a con artist.
  10. At Comic Con, all I could think was how happy these people's moms must be to have the house to themselves for a few hours.

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  1. Churches are the biggest cons out there. Besides Comic-Con of course.
  2. I dressed up as the letter B for comic con. It's my favorite character.
  3. I was so scared at the Halloween Comic Con in Israel It really gave me the heebie weebies
  4. Someone broke into my local comic bookstore... They're calling him the comic-con.
  5. What do you call a bunch of zombie dressed as Superheroes? The n**... Comic-Con
  6. What do you call a bus on its way to Comic Con? v**... Mobile

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My friends and I are all dressing as different Robin Williams characters at a Comic Con this weekend...

We're the s**... Squad!

I got kicked out of Comic-Con for assaulting a guy who didnt know who Keanu Reeves played in The matrix

That was the second time I've been called a neo-n**....

A man is going to comic con

He's just throwing around cosplay ideas with his wife, and then he exclaims, "Oh! I could be the Comedian from Watchmen!"
To which his wife replies, "Babe, you don't need to dress up to be a minuteman.."

Couldn't believe my eyes when I they gave me a plastic Garfield b**... for winning an event at Comic-Con.

Absolute catastrophe!

What do you call it when a bunch of dead fanboys and girls convene?


How do you tell your nerdy friend is suicidal?

He dresses up as Jar Jar Binks at Comic Con.

Why do some people hate going to conventions like Comic-Con?

because it's flawed
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