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  1. My older brother always tore the last pages of my comic books, and never told me why. I had to draw my own conclusions.
  2. All the comic books I inherited from my older brother had their last pages missing. I had to draw my own conclusions.
  3. If comic books have taught me anything it’s that something named OMICRON is going to be near impossible to defeat unless we all work together to defeat it.
  4. My girlfriend and I were moving each others comic book collection and now we both have to see a chiropractor. Because we both have back issues.
  5. I use to go to a comic book shop that only sold books with female leads; The owner was apparently arrested for being a heroine dealer.
  6. All the comic books I got from my older brother had the last page missing. I had to draw my own conclusions.
  7. What's the most popular pickup line at a comic-book convention? "Your parents' basement or mine?"
  8. If i wrote comic books about standup comedy using my own material I would be a comic comic comic.
  9. When I was a kid... I could walk in the store with a dollar and come out with 3 candy bars, a mountain dew, a bag of chips, and a comic book.
    Couldn't do that nowadays, there's cameras everywhere.
  10. You know the famous Pakistani comic book guy... Pakistan-Lee?

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Comic Book One Liners

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  1. What's Caitlyn Jenner's favorite comic book? X-Men
  2. Who Is Jay Gatsby's Favorite Comic Book Character? Deadpool.
  3. Snoopy writes a Batman comic book. "He is the Dark and Stormy Knight..."
  4. I buy every comic book I see. . . My friends say I have lots of issues.
  5. There is definitely something wrong with comic book collectors... They have issues, man.
  6. I feel sorry for comic book collectors. They have so many issues
  7. Why was the comic book series depressed? Because it had too many issues.
  8. Who was the dad's favorite comic book hero? The Pun-isher.
  9. My relationship with a comic book collector didn't turn out well They had a lot of issues
  10. What do comic book collectors use in their hair? Mint conditioner.
  11. Why do new comic books smell so refreshing? Because they're in mint condition.
  12. Who is Mike Pence's favorite comic book character? Electro
  13. What's the best idea for comic books? The Shredder
  14. There is one reason I'm not into comic books There are too many issues in the industry
  15. Why aren't comic books as popular anymore? Because they're too sketchy nowadays.

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A girl goes to a library.
Girl: I want the book, "Women- The most perfect and intelligent."
Librarian: Comic section is at the backside.

A nerd was walking home from the comic book store and tripped over a green lantern.

He picked it up and rubbed it and out popped a genie. "Three wishes, kid. You know the drill." The kid thought about it for only a second and said, "I want to be just like Batman." "No sweat," said the genie, "I'll be back for your two other wishes after I'm finished with your parents."

What did the magazine say to the comic book?

Boy, do we have issues!

Why are all comic book readers drug addicts?

They just can't resist the heroine.

I've always wanted to be a comic book artist...

I'm really drawn to it.

It's a good thing Aquaman isn't black

Shortest...comic book...ever!

What do you call a comic book hero that is constantly hooked on having s**... with female superheroes?

A heroine addict.

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo got a head start with completing his comic book collection

he's already got all the daddy issues

Whats a good comic book movie?

I dont know sir, im a DC fan.

Mom to grown up son: "I donated all those old comic books you had in the attic to Goodwill."

"I didn't want to just throw them away."

A guy walks up to the pretty girl working at the comic book store and say" Hey baby are you into werewolves..."

"Cause I'm lycan the way you look"

When is was a kid, mum used to send me the shops wtih 50p. i could come home with a chicken, 2 pints of milk, 6 eggs, 2 packs of bacon and a comic book...

You can't do this nowadays though because of CCTV.

"Comic books aren't important." -Bill Maher

"N**ger." -Bill Maher

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