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Top 10 Funniest Comfortable Blonde Jokes and Puns

A blonde and her husband are watching the news...

News: A Brazilian man died while skydiving when his parachute didn't open.

The blonde bursts into tears

Husband (comforting her): I know it's sad, but people need to know that there's a risk while skydiving.

Blonde: But that's a lot of people. How many is a Brazilian?

A blonde, a brunette and a red head were in a doctors office and they were all pregnant..

The brunette says, " I know I'm having a boy because I was on the bottom."
The redhead says "Then I must be having a girl because I was on the top!"
The blonde starts sobbing uncontrollably and the two other girls start comforting her asking what's wrong...
The blonde looks at them through her teary eyes and exclaims "I'm having puppies!!"

A blonde and a brunette inherit their parent's ranch but they soon run into money trouble

The brunette says "I'll go to town to buy a bull to produce offspring then send you a telegram when I'm done."

So she gets the bull, goes to the telegram office but she only has enough money left for 1 word. She tells the man at the office to send the word "Comfortable" and he says she'll never know what that means.

So the brunette says "My sister's a blonde so she'll read the word very slowly: Com-for-tha-bull."

A blonde asks the doctor: Can you catch aids in toilets?

Doctor: Yes you can, but there are more comfortable places.

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