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Top 10 of the Funniest Comey Jokes and Puns

Comey: He's guilty

Democrats: He's guilty

Trump: I'm guilty

Republicans: We may never get to the bottom of this

Question: Can the President fire the Director of the FBI?

Yes, of course. If he can put Trump in office, President Putin can certainly fire Comey too.

Why did James Comey refuse to indict Hillary Clinton?

Because he found his suicide note in her Wikileaks emails.

Comey joke, Why did James Comey refuse to indict Hillary Clinton?

Did you hear about the time Donald Trump made James Comey have lunch with him?

I heard it was a presidential man-date.

What did the President say, when he wanted to reconcile with his long-lost friend over the phone?

James Comey.

So Trump runs into James Comey at a party...

"Hey, Jim Comey, what's new?"

"I don't have to tell you any more."

James Comey walks into a bar...

and orders two White Russians - one for here, one to go.

Comey joke, James Comey walks into a bar...

Comey's Testimony

Director Comey, using this doll, please show the Senators where the President touched you.

I got a new pet cockroach.....

And i named him Comey the Homey

BREAKING NEWS: Comey caught promoting possible Trump hotel merger

After being fired Comey stated, "You won't be calling it The Watergate for much longer"

The day after FBI Director James Comey was fired...

...Hillary Clinton sent him an e-mail. It started,

*Dear James,*

*I hope this e-mail reaches you.*

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What is it called when Mitt Romney and James Comey hang out?

A romcom.

Why doesn't Trump care that the stress from being investigated is making him lose his hair? (OC)

Because he is so over Comey.

Did you know Trump took away Comey's phone when he fired him?

Trump said, "that way you can't comey anymore."

Why did they fire James Comey?

Cause he's a comey.

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