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The Best Combustion Puns

What do South American governments and internal combustion engines have in common?

Both are measured in revolutions per minute.

The enthalpy change for a combustion reaction is always negative

In other words, fire is hot.

(chemistry joke, hope someone gets it...)

Nothing warms my heart...

...quite like spontaneous combustion

All US prison wardens got together and brainstormed to put a stop to prison rapes.

They finally decided on a high tech solution- an anti-slip soap bar with an internal combustion engine equipped with state of the art artificial engine that would fly the soap back to the prisoner's hand even if it somehow falls down.

The Russian wardens too found a solution- shower gel.

What do you call a cuddling overheat?

Spoontaneus combustion.

I once dated a girl who died because of spontaneous human combustion.

She was pretty hot.

Before electric skat were

internal combustion skat

I've decided how I want to commit suicide-spontaneous combustion.

But I can't stop thinking about it.

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