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The Best Comatose Puns

I told my wife "if ever I become comatose and depend on a machine for my survival, unplug me"

She unplugged the computer.

Somebody told me to "live everyday like it's your last".

So, I decided I'd stay in bed with life support and act as if I'm in comatose state from now on.

My wife came out of her coma and looked at me.

She said, "Your forearms don't look any bigger. You have been *masturbating* while I was comatose, haven't you?"

"Yes," I replied.

She said, "Which hand did you use?"

I said, "Yours."

What do you call a comatose gay man?

A tomato...

It's both a fruit and a vegetable.

a peaceful man was so opposed to war that he upon reading his draft notice he passed out and remained comatose for the duration of the war

he was an unconscientious objector

What is a children's television show centered on the imaginary adventures of comatose Christians be called?

Veggie Tales!

Veggie Tales!

Veggie Tales!

What does a comatose gay person and a tomato have in common?

First they were a fruit, now they're a vegetable.

What do you call a room full of comatose people?

A salad.

My feet are really hairy.

Every once in I while I go comatose.

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