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The Best Column Puns

Today I saw a phone number written on a pillar...

Should I column?

Why was the null column condemned by the church?

Because it didn't have any values.

Dad and his son are sitting on the front porch.

Meanwhile a column of cars are passing by and honking their horns.
"Dad why are they honking their horns?" asked the son.
"They are going to a wedding" responds the father
"But in school we learned that horns should be used only as a warning"

What did the pillar say when he forgot to wish his friend happy birthday?

I'll column later.

What's the best way to get a Roman architect started on building your house?


What's black and slides down Nelson's column?

Winnie Mandela.

So I asked a kid from Saudi Arabia what his favorite method of suicide was

He perked up and said you want to know how to start a newspaper column

What's a white women's favorite type of Roman column?

A Karenthian.

Hey, have you been able to reach row?

I haven't been able to column.

I saw this advice column titled "Askhenazi"

My wife asked me, "Do you think it's because of a potential revolution or school shootings that the government keeps trying to take our guns?"

I said, "A little of column A, a little of Columbine."

You know those buildings in ancient Greece with all those pillars?

I think they column pavilions.

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