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Today I saw a phone number written on a pillar...

Should I column?

Nelson was 5ft 4". His statue on top of the column in London is 18ft.

Thats Horatio of about 3:1

Why was the null column condemned by the church?

Because it didn't have any values.

Column joke, Why was the null column condemned by the church?

Dad and his son are sitting on the front porch.

Meanwhile a column of cars are passing by and honking their horns.
"Dad why are they honking their horns?" asked the son.
"They are going to a wedding" responds the father
"But in school we learned that horns should be used only as a warning"

What did the pillar say when he forgot to wish his friend happy birthday?

I'll column later.

What's the best way to get a Roman architect started on building your house?


What's black and slides down Nelson's column?

Winnie Mandela.

Column joke, What's black and slides down Nelson's column?

So I asked a kid from Saudi Arabia what his favorite method of suicide was

He perked up and said you want to know how to start a newspaper column

What's a white women's favorite type of Roman column?

A Karenthian.

Hey, have you been able to reach row?

I haven't been able to column.

My wife asked me, "Do you think it's because of a potential revolution or school shootings that the government keeps trying to take our guns?"

I said, "A little of column A, a little of Columbine."

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I saw this advice column titled "Askhenazi"

You know those buildings in ancient Greece with all those pillars?

I think they column pavilions.

a lil' Boudreaux joke for y'all.

Mrs. Boudreaux went to the the local newspaper and said she wanted to put in the Obituary Column that Boudreaux died. They told her it would be $1.00 per word.
She said, "Here ya go, 2 dollahs - put in dere dat Boudreaux Died."
They said, "Mrs. Boudreaux, surely you want more dan dat."
She said "Mais, no, just 'Boudreaux died'."
The editor said, "Well, you a lil' upset. Bring yaself back tomorruh and you probably tink of sumtin else."
She came back the next day, and said, "Yeh, I tought of sumtin else.. 'BOAT FOR SALE'."

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