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You were a great man, Christopher Columbus ...

... to think you had the foresight of giving me work off 5 centuries later.

How did Christopher Columbus find India?

He used Apple Maps.

What was the last thing that Columbus said to his sailors before getting on the ship?

"Okay men, get on the ship."

Columbus joke, What was the last thing that Columbus said to his sailors before getting on the ship?

Columbus didn't get to India because he was dis-Oriented

He found the Americas by Occident.

Isn't it time we stopped celebrating Columbus day?

Peter Falk died in 2011.

Got an email from an airline inviting me to"Discover America".

I've replied with a link to the Wikipedia page about Christopher Columbus.

Why is Columbus a slang term for cocaine in Native American communities?

Because it's white and kills them.

Columbus joke, Why is Columbus a slang term for cocaine in Native American communities?

What bus crossed the Atlantic Ocean?


How do you celebrate Christopher Columbus day?

Barge into your neighbor's home and claim it as yours.

Columbus thought he landed in the Far East.

But he landed in the Far West by occident.

What kind of bus can cross the ocean?

A Columbus.

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Did you hear about the weekly poker game with Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Leif Erikson, and Francisco Pizarro?

They can never seem to beat the Straights of Magellan.

When was the last time the Indians were the champions?

Before Columbus came.

What's worse than being a tanning salon owner in Africa?

Being a Somali Uber driver in Columbus, Ohio.

Celebrating Columbus Day

is like finding a $50 bill in someone's house and they ask, "Where did you get that?"

"I discovered it in your kitchen." cr

Columbus Day is a really sore subject for me. It's so hard for me to honor the holiday while ignoring one of the biggest crimes in human history...

The introduction of Tobacco into western society.

Columbus joke, Columbus Day is a really sore subject for me. It's so hard for me to honor the holiday while ignorin

Guy at work: They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in India, do they?

Me: They would if Columbus had stopped to ask for directions...

Did Christopher Columbus intend to find America?

No, it was occidental.

How did Columbus greet the Native Americans when he first landed in the Americas?

With new diseases.

Christopher Columbus is like...

...the person who comments First on a post even though they are not the first.

How Do Native Americans celebrate Columbus Day?

They walk into your house and say "We live here now"

The Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves were both eliminated from the playoffs on Columbus Day.

And the Redskins might lose too.

The Redskins are currently getting destroyed on MNF

Wouldn't be the first time they got destroyed on Columbus Day.

The Redskins were murdered today in New Orleans

Wouldn't be the first time they got murdered around Columbus Day.

The Indians, Braves, and Redskins lost yesterday.

Yesterday was Columbus Day.

Columbus Day Joke

So yesterday was Columbus Day and the Indians, Redskins, and Braves got absolutely dominated.

Yet it wasn't the first time Indians got dominated on Columbus Day

Back in the days Columbus was trying to find India and now Native Americans are called Indians.

Hundreds of years later: an American tries to fix his printer. This is Vikram, how may I help you?

TIL Columbus was responsible for the extinction of the TaΓ­no people

Which is weird, because I haven't even heard of them.

What did Columbus give the natives in return for the island of Hispaniola?


I'm a Flat Earther. If the world is actually round, I dare Columbus to come beat me up. I'll be waiting in front of my laptop.

See? Nothing happkikmm,50g807gbm"| nb jcvbyujm.,kjhnvbgyvcunumk,ik,juh8m

How do people from Columbus greet each other?

Oh, hi yo!

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