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The Columbine basketball team hasn't been the same...

Since they lost their two best shooters

Why will the columbine high basket ball team lose the tournament?

Because they lost their 2 best shooters

Why hasn't columbine won a basketball championship since 1999?

They lost their best shooters

Columbine joke, Why hasn't columbine won a basketball championship since 1999?

I didn't really like anyone during my first year at Columbine

but eventually I decided that everyone deserves a shot

Netflix is producing a documentary about the end of BlockBuster....

Thats like if the school shooters produced "Bowling for Columbine"

Why did Columbine High School lose all their basketball games?

They lost their 2 best shooters

(NSFW) How do you make two School Shooters more powerful?

Columbine them together.

Columbine joke, (NSFW) How do you make two School Shooters more powerful?

Why did Columbine lose all thier basketball games?

'cause they lost the two best shooters.

What an eventful day!

It's 420, Hitlers birthday, and the 18th anniversary of the columbine shooting. Boy what a fun day

The Columbine

My Favorite sex position is The Columbine

Me and a friend walk in, spray a bunch of kids, then finish each other off.

My wife asked me, "Do you think it's because of a potential revolution or school shootings that the government keeps trying to take our guns?"

I said, "A little of column A, a little of Columbine."

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What's your favourite shooter?

Mine is Columbine.

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