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The Best Columbian Puns

Pablo Escobar was taken down with the assistance of Columbian children acting as police informants

When he was arrested, Pablo furiously cried out "I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those Medellín kids!"

They say love produces the same effects as cocaine

And certainly whenever I make love it involves the death of an orphaned Columbian street child.

- Credit to Frankie Boyle

Do you know how much pressure did the Cartel put on the Columbian goverment in the 80s?

1 escobar

I like American cola just fine, and Mexican cokes are even better!

But Columbian coke is especially great!

An American, a Columbian, a Mexican and a Canadian are on a plane

The plane is too heavy, so they are asked to throw something away.

The Canadian grabs a goose, throws it out the plane and says "I don't mind, there's plenty back in my country"

The Columbian grabs a huge box full of Cocaine, throws it out of the plane and says "I don't mind, there's plenty back in my country"

The American grabs the Mexican and throws him out of the plane
"I don't mind, there's plenty back in my country"

What's the difference between British Columbian prostitutes and bacon?

Pigs don't eat bacon.

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