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Good for Christian Bale, visiting the victims of the Aurora, Colorado massacre.

I heard some of them even got to meet Heath Ledger.

What type of animal is i**... to hunt in Colorado and Oklahoma?


whats a similarity between colorado and saudi arabia?

It's legal to get s**...

What do you call a dance party in Colorado?

Shake 'n Bake.

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Why do kids in Colorado get more presents?

Because Santa likes their cookies more.

I'm a religious man living in Colorado, and I'm starting a m**... business.

I'm calling it Holy Smokes.

Tom Brady originally offered that Chevy Colorado to Pete Carroll...

...however, Carroll said "I'll pass."

Colorado joke, Tom Brady originally offered that Chevy Colorado to Pete Carroll...

What do you feed someone from Colorado on 3/14/15?

p**... pie.

What do people in Colorado eat on 3/14/15?

p**... pie.

I'm 10 times more likely to get mugged in Colorado than I am in New York City.

Because I don't live in New York City.

I wonder if the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter had a Plan B?

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What gets really high in Colorado?

The average elevation.

I'm going to stop eating beef from Colorado

The steaks are too high

In Colorado you're American

In Juarez you're a Mexican.
In the bathroom European.


I'm not your typical black comedian. I don't do a lot of jokes about white people. I'd like to, but I was born in Denver, Colorado

My friend lives in Colorado and wanted to start growing w**... on his cow farm. I told him it wasn't a good idea.

The steaks would be too high.

Colorado joke, My friend lives in Colorado and wanted to start growing w**... on his cow farm. I told him it wasn't

Why do butchers avoid buying cattle from Colorado?

Because the steaks are too high.

What do you call a potato from Colorado?

A baked potato

As a Hilary supporter in Colorado, I'm still happy with the outcome of the election.

Since proposition 106 passed I can legally kill myself now that trump won.

What's the difference between a drug dealer in Colorado and a drug dealer in virginia

One takes insurance

What do you get when you combine someone from Colorado and someone from Idaho?

A Baked Potato

Why is the beef in Colorado so good?

Because the steaks are high.

Why do people in Colorado have more energy than people in Louisiana?

Because they are full of potential.

TIL the USS Colorado made nearly 12,000 career dives during WWII- significantly more than most modern submarines- and sunk the last Japanese warship of the war!

Sorry, wrong sub :(

Where did Timmy go during the e**...?


He had a newfound respect for life after being spared from such a life-changing event. He went to Arizona, Colorado, New York, England, then settled down in Paris with his now-engaged girlfriend.

Colorado keeps advertising their legalised w**... through the media...

I'm fed up of seeing all that propaganja.

Colorado joke, Colorado keeps advertising their legalised w**... through the media...

It's remarkable that nobody has opened a "grass fed" steakhouse in Colorado yet.....On the other hand....

They might just be afraid that the steaks would be too high.

Chevy has already made the Silverado and the Colorado. Next, they should make the Turbinado.

That would be sweet.

Ranchers in Colorado are conducting a crucial experiment on the environmental sustainability of using h**... as a feed source for cattle.

The steaks have never been higher.

Where do crayons go on vacation?


m**... businesses in Washington and Colorado are now allowed to use banks..

So long as they open joint accounts.

Colorado Springs police are looking for the 'Mad p**...'.

The jogger is suspected in a s**...-and-run incident. She's been declared public enemy number two. So far they've been unable to flush her out.

Divorced couples in Colorado are having trouble deciding who gets the m**......

The judges have started issuing joint custody

Did you guys hear about that girl they found murdered in Colorado? They found her covered in milk with cheerios still in her mouth.

They think it was a cereal killer....

Why was Colorado one of the first states to legalize recreational m**...?

They had the high ground.

Hindus believe that what you come back as depends upon your behavior in your this life. If you led a good life, you come back in an elevated state, like Colorado.

Where does a crayon go on vacation?

Color-ado. My seven year old just told me this one.

Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas are all about to Outlaw Interstate Begging

These four states are all against the Oklahoma panhandle.

Every school in Colorado is a high school.

People in Colorado keep saying minorities don't belong, but if they learned a little Spanish

They would see their state means colored.

With all the tax dollars w**... sales in Colorado is raising for education...

Those schools are going to be dope.

Colorado recently held an international Flat Earther's conference

They warmly welcomed members who flew in from all over the globe.

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