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The Best Color Blind Puns

Why aren't color blind people allowed to join the police force?

They wouldn't know who to shoot

I just got diagnosed with color blindness.

I gotta say this diagnosis came out of the orange.

Mother, mother, ...

... how come other children need hours to solve Rubik's cube but I do it in just a few seconds?

- Well, sweetie, it's because you're color blind.

Color Blind joke, Mother, mother, ...

I've just been told by my doctor that I'm color blind

It completely came out of the orange

Found out I was color blind yesterday.

It came out of the purple.

My doctor informed me today that I'm color blind. "Well," I said...

..."THAT certainly came out of the green!"

Roses are gray

Violets are gray

I'm color blind

And not very good at poetry

Color Blind joke, Roses are gray

I went to the doctor yesterday. Turns out I'm color blind.

It really came out of the purple.

Just found out I'm color blind..

It came out of the purple!

I unexpectedly found out I'm color blind

That sure came out of the yellow

What did the color blind psychic say?

Q: What did the color blind psychic say?

A: I cannot see the fuschia.

I was diagnosed with color blindness just an hour ago.

It came right out of the purple.

I've just been diagnosed as color blind

It really came out of the purple

What's green and fluffy?

Red fluff, if you're color blind.

A color blind person is feeling down

He's feeling a little purple

What does a color blind racist say?

I don't see color
I see race

Color Blind joke, What does a color blind racist say?

I visited my eye doctor the other day for an eye test.

Found out I was color blind, it was completely out of the purple. Devastated.

I wonder if the views of a color blind person depend on the circumstances of the scenario

Or if they just see the world in black and white.

Red my mind

I made an off-color joke to my friend the other day and one of my friends didn't get it. Then after some thinking I remembered *snaps* he's color blind.

A man is asked why he can't see the Fifty Shades of Gray movie...

He replies, "I'm color blind and can only see 36 of them."

Roses are Grey, Violets are Grey...

I am color blind. :(

My friend is color blind..

So I had to ask him... "How many fingers am I holding up?"

Color Blind Awareness Day

Show your support by wearing a number I can actually read.

Roses are blue, violets are red

I have color blindness.

Just got diagnosed as color blind today.

It came completely out of the purple.

I just took a color blind test

I passed with flying colors

What is a color blind person's favorite soda?

Big Green

If you can't tell the difference between a blue collar job and a white collar job

Are you color blind or collar blind?

"Why do they call it orange juice, it's not even orange?"

— Color blind people

Being color blind really sucks but...

It's still not the worst way to see fifty shades of Grey

You know when it comes to people I'm color blind.

All I see are blacks and whites.

What do you call a blind black guy?

Color blind.

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