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The Best Colonize Puns

We should send all of Earth's politicians to colonize Mars.

All that hot air would make it habitible quickly!

Why are all ants British?

Because they colonize.

The Three Protocols of Sodomination

1. Analyze

2. Colonize

3. Rectify

Scientists recently found a type of gut bacteria that can survive in deep space...

They're now going to use them in a mission to colonize Mars.

Why did no gay people go on the mission to colonize Mars' moons?

Too many homophobos.

Why is it so hard to colonize space?

Because of meteor rights

How many Portuguese does it take to colonize an Empire?

a brazillian

thanks folks, i'll be here all Monday.

If the Scottish started to colonize North America before the British...

Could I say that the Scott Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock?

Your momma is so fat...

Elon Musk wants to colonize her.

The council of Earth quickly came to regret putting a gastroenterologist in charge of conquering new planets..

All he wanted to do was colonize Uranus.

If there are first, second, and third world counties then what will we call mars when we colonize it?

The fourth world

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