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The Best Colonies Puns

Why don't midgets ever get accepted into nudist colonies?

They keep sticking their noses into everyone else's business.

Why do fish form schools, but ants form colonies?

Cause *truants* don't go to school!

(I came up with this right now)

What do you call the an ant in a colony who is responsible for establishing incoming trade deals with other ant colonies?


TIL King George III had a strong distaste for The Colonies

In fact he found them revolting.

What do you call an ant who trades with other ant colonies for resources?


When England settled her colonies how come America got Christian zealots and Australia got convicts?

Australia got first pick.

What do Americans and ants have in common?

They both live in colonies.

The British colonies were pretty unhappy under empirical rule...

They really felt like an outlier.

Have you experienced British weather, tasted British cuisine and met British women?

And that's why they had so many colonies.

What happens to nudist colonies in the winter?

They stop shaving and hope for the best

I tried publishing my novel...

in which I stress the danger of global warming by describing my experience battling encroaching fire ant colonies. Every publisher called it ant-I-climatic.

Do you know why ant colonies never get sick?

Because they're made up of a lot of antybodies

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