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The Best Colonial Puns

Why was Portugal the best colonial power?

Spain had thousands of colonists, Britain had millions, but Portugal had BRAZILIANS.

The Chiefs' defense isn't doing well against the Patriots' offense...

Reminds me of colonial times.

British food, British weather and British culture.

And thus a great colonial empire of sailors was born.

What do you call a colonial pharmacist?

A PILL-gram.

What did the colonial powers say to the Horn of Africa?

'I'm coming for Djibouti'

In colonial times, people believed tomatoes were poisonous and would not eat them.

They were incorrect. Tomatoes are not poisonous and will eat them.

What does colonialism and Pitbull have in common?

They both destroyed Africa.

What was the name of the Pope's official stance on interracial marriage during Colonial times?

The Missionary Position.

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