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Ghetto Word Of The Day:

Cologne "Ay, you think you cologne me a dollar or two?"

What type of cologne does Sean Connery wear?

Old Spies

After a long search, I finally found the French cologne I was looking for...

It was hiding behind the American cologne

Cologne joke, After a long search, I finally found the French cologne I was looking for...

Tesla Motors started a brand of cologne.

They call it Elon Musk.

Is it just me or does the name Elon Musk sound like a cologne brand my grandpa would wear?

Why does haley joel osment always smell like cologne?

He wears six scents

If a South African inventor wanted to make a French-sounding cologne, what would he call his new fragrance?

Elan! Musk

Cologne joke, If a South African inventor wanted to make a French-sounding cologne, what would he call his new fra

Did you hear about the new cologne Chris Brown put out?

I heard it was a real hit with the ladies.

A salesman with a bad lisp...

came to my front door today. He was giving away a coupon for either free cologne or a free abortion. When I confronted him about it, he simply explained "Eidah way, you're gonna clear tha womb."

What cologne do engineers wear?

Elon's musk

I bought a new fragrance today...

Bc I heard with the right Cologne, women just can't say no to you

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WhatΒ΄s a MuslimΒ΄s favorite cologne?


I heard Germany was the most attractive country in the world

They had Cologne

Most interesting man in the world doesn't always wear cologne but when he does...

It's Elon Musk.

What kind of cologne applies itself?

Elon Musk

Why did Billie Joe Armstrong smell so nice whilst walking down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams?

He wore cologne, he wore cologne.

Cologne joke, Why did Billie Joe Armstrong smell so nice whilst walking down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams?

Did you hear about the new SpaceX company?

They're going into the cologne business. Elon's Musks

What was the martian's favorite cologne?

Elon Musk.

What cologne do Tesla drivers wear?

Elon's Musk

What's do you call a stormtrooper that smells good?

A cologne trooper...

What cologne do SpaceX employees wear?

Musk by Elon

Ever heard of an Irish bath?

An Irish bath is when you stand at the sink and just wash your armpits. Some people call it a Gypsy bath, or an Italian shower. A French bath is when you just douse yourself in cologne.

Whatever you call it, it's all just ethnic cleansing.

Elon Musk

People always talk about how great of an entrepreneur Elon Musk is but he's yet to create a cologne called Elon's Musk.

My husband was quite distraught and incoherent after losing his job at the cologne factory.

I don't know how to reply; he just isn't making scents anymore.

Vincent: hey what classical concert are you going to and why are you wearing that fancy cologne?

Me: to Bait hoe, Vin.

Elon Musk is making a new cologne.

It's called Elon Musk.

What's the name of the cologne created for Tesla owners?

Elon Musk

What cologne does Bill Cosby wear?


TIL Elon Musk...

…isn't a cologne.

Just ordered a new cologne and it smells like weed, money and a hint of regret.

It's called Elon Musk

Apparently Tesla is producing a new cologne that acts as a strong pheromone,

They're calling it, "Elon's Musk"

Another terrible joke I made up, yay or nay?

What cologne do dummys were?

O DeCoy...

Sounded funnier in my head

A new men's cologne is in development which smells of electric eels shocking a Silicon Valley giant...

Its called Eel-on Musk.

You will get this if you are Dutch and listen to Post Malone

So you know how he has these nicknames, such as Home Malone, Water Malone, Post Cologne, etc.
I came up with a Dutch one:
Austin Proost.

What is a technician's favorite cologne?

Elon Musk

If it smells like fish....

Do what you wish. If it smells like cologne, leave it alone. It it smells like otter, don't even bother.

What is most incestuous cologne?

Eau de Puss Rex

New Cologne

My son told me this.

Tesla is offering a sample of their new cologne when you go to their show rooms.

It is called Elon Musk

What do you call a good smelling rapper?

Post Cologne

My new fragrance for my Quarantine.

Leamee The Fuh


Yul Brynner was a lifelong Liverpool fan who didn't wear aftershave

Yul never wore cologne

I'm developing a new cologne for introverts

***Leave me the Fuh Cologne***

Apparently there's a battle for the rights to Star Wars aftershave.

It's The Cologne Wars.

A woman and her wealthy lover traveled across Europe

They started their tryst in Amsterdam, before traveling to Barcelona, then Cologne, and Dublin. After months of travel and steamy sex, they ended in Zurich.

It was a sorted affair.

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