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The Best Collusion Puns

Poker is like sex

If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand

Edit 1: when you cheat in poker you have a partner

Edit 2: this is getting more upvotes than I thought it would get but before someone calls me out on it. This was a Mae West quote about bridge and several Internet memes put poker instead of bridge because more people play poker than bridge and when you cheat in poker you have partners(the poker strategy is called collusion)

A Democrat walks into a bar

He asks the bartender, "What's your most popular drink?"

Bartender replies, "a Russian Collusion".

The Democrat responds "I'll have one of those."

The bartender then gives him an empty glass and says "enjoy."

Why did the FBI go to question Sarah Palin while investigating Trump's collusion?

Because she can see Russia from her house.

What's the minimum required car insurance coverage in Russia?


FEMA/Presidential Alert Text.

Did yours say "NO COLLUSION" ?

There's one thing I don't get about this whole "Russian collusion" with the RNC.

I thought the Russians hated Nazis?

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