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My coworker Jim sits next to another coworker, Collin. One day, Jim replaced the nametag on his cubicle to also say Collin

I asked him, "Jim, your name isn't Collin. What's going on?"

He replied, "We're trying to Collin-ize the area."

(True story)

You know Collin Kapernik?

Can't stand that guy.........

What is the only type of water Collin Kaepernick drinks?


Feeling sick before work.

The other day I was hanging out with my buddy Collin and noticed that he doesn't look to good.

He said that he feels like he is going to puke, has a growing headache and has work in a couple of hours.

He then said "I'm just ganna text my boss Lynn that I'm not feeling well today and will get someone to cover my shift"

With no responce he had only one other option.
Collin had to call Lynn, to call in.

You're not completely useless...

You can be used as a bad example.

*Heard Collin Farrell say this to Jimmy Fallon and laughed haha*

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