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The Best Collage Puns

A bunch of girls in the local collage went the Bra-less feminist way

Their spokesperson said to the local media : "Yes we know we don't have much support, but word's out that the Male students appreciate the movement "

The Clown Collage was on fire yesterday

People for miles around complained of funny smells

Collage is much like marriage,

For the first years there is a lot of sucking, but when it ends you don't know where your money went....

My older bisexual brother was gonna to collage so I said to him

Bye bi brother

Where did Nintendo go to collage?

Wii U

Mahogany was competing with oak and maple in the wood election.

Nobody got a majority in the electric collage. However, oak narrowly beat out maple in the poplar vote.

This is why I failed out of collage.

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