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The Best Collaboration Puns

Budweiser starts a collaboration with SpaceX to be the first beer on Mars

I can already see the headlines...
"Colonist discovers water on Mars!"

What symbol dispels a hex?

A hexagon!

-In collaboration with my kid sister.

TIL of a Nine Inch Nails and Tool collaboration project that never made it to the studio because of union issues

It was called Unlicensed Carpentry

Teamwork and collaboration are important

TheyΒ helpΒ to put the blame on someone else.

What's the name of a musical collaboration between Shia LaBeouf and a Judge?

A just duet.

There's no I...

in collaboration.

Or denial.

Apple and Nike collaboration

Apparently apple and Nike are doing a trainer collab.

New shoes will be called Nike Air Macs.

Did you hear about the new "carrot" collaboration between Apple and Dunkin Donuts? They say it's going to be amazing, but unfortunately

iDonut carrot all.

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