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The Best Collaborate Puns

I don't know what to do when someone yells stop

Is it hammer time? Is it in the name of love? Do I collaborate and listen?

If Kanye West is running ...

I think Vanilla Ice should run for president at some point as well. He'd have a solid campaign slogan "If there was a problem, I'll solve it" and he'd make everyone collaborate and listen.

Stallone, Van Damme and Schwarzenegger decide to collaborate on a movie about classical composers.

"I'll be Beethoven" says Stallone.

Van Damne says "OK, I'll be Mozart".

Schwarzenegger says "I'll be Bach"

Who was the shadiest rapper to collaborate with Snoop Dogg?

Dr. Drapes

Did you hear about the three Irish guys trying to collaborate on a song?

Did you hear about the three Irish guys trying to collaborate on a song?

They couldn't make it past the first two bars.

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