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How many Coldplay members does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just one, but he has to see Radiohead do it first.

Who are a necrophiliac's favourite band?


My band

My band "Coldplay Secret Show" played a sold out gig tonight in front of 400 angry people.

Coldplay joke, My band

What's a necrophiliac's favorite band?


I went to a Coldplay concert once.

It was paradise.

If you play a Coldplay song backwards, you'll hear a lot of creepy, Satanic chanting in Latin

But if you play a Coldplay song the normal way, you'll hear something much worse. A Coldplay song.

What's the best way to make apple crumble?

Remind her that her mum's Gwynneth Paltrow and her dad's in Coldplay.

Coldplay joke, What's the best way to make apple crumble?

Did you hear about the Coldplay concert in China last weekend?

It was all yellow.

What do the members of Coldplay use to play board games?

A pair o', pair o', pair o' dice.

My friend asked me to name my top 5 Coldplay songs...

And they were all yellow.

What's the worst thing about being a Coldplay fan?

Telling your parents you're gay.

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What's the song that coldplay wrote for you?

Yellow. *Phil answers phone*

What did Coldplay say when they were asked to run a craps table?

"We need a pair of... pair of... pair of dice."

I went to a Coldplay concert the other day....

It was good but it was extremely cold

That Coldplay song went on for an eternity

Every time I thought it was getting to the end, the singer kept going back to the start.

What are magic and yellow?

Two songs by Coldplay.

Coldplay joke, What are magic and yellow?

why should you never play boardgames with Coldplay?

'cause they'll never roll the PAIR'O PAIR'O PAIR'O DICE

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