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I just found the coldest thing in the universe!

It was 0K.

What's the coldest country in South America?

I don't know but it's probably pretty Chile

What is the coldest dish at a Mexican restaurant?

a b-r-r-r-r-ito

Coldest joke, What is the coldest dish at a Mexican restaurant?

What is the coldest country in the world?

Israel. Because israeli cold.

When I learnt that the coldest temperature in the universe is 0 Kelvin, I thought to myself,

That's an absolute unit right there

Why is C the coldest letter?

Because it's in the middle of ice.

Why is AT&T park the coldest baseball stadium?

It's full of Giant fans

Coldest joke, Why is AT&T park the coldest baseball stadium?

My friend just came back from his holiday to the coldest place in the universe.

He told me it was 0K

Who is the coldest living comedian?

Bill Burr

What group of terrorists is the coldest of them all?


What is the coldest gas?

Brrrr-omine gas.

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What country has the coldest bean stew


What is the coldest lavatory in the world?


What's the coldest type of reptile?


What are the coldest triangles?


What month are most cephalopods coldest?


Coldest joke, What month are most cephalopods coldest?

What is the coldest state in the US?

Oklahoma, its abvreviation is Ok

In geography, teacher told us that Mariana's Trench was the deepest, coldest, most inhospitable place on planet earth.

Mariana said that he shouldn't talk about their date in class.

Which color is the coldest?


What's the coldest country in Africa?

Brrrrrkina Faso!

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