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  1. When I learnt that the coldest temperature in the universe is 0 Kelvin, I thought to myself, That's an absolute unit right there
  2. Uranus is the coldest place in the solar system So it's safe to say the sun don't shine there.
  3. My friend just came back from his holiday to the coldest place in the universe. He told me it was 0K
  4. What month are most cephalopods coldest? Octobrrrrr
  5. What is the coldest state in the US? Oklahoma, its abvreviation is Ok
  6. In geography, teacher told us that Mariana's Trench was the deepest, coldest, most inhospitable place on planet earth. Mariana said that he shouldn't talk about their date in class.
  7. Which color is the coldest? *Burrr*gundy
  8. What's the coldest country in Africa? Brrrrrkina Faso!
  9. Today is the coldest day of the year... And the warmest, shortest, longest, driest and most wet.
  10. Happy new year!! Brrrrrr it's cold outside... It has to be the coldest day of the year!!!

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  1. I just found the coldest thing in the universe! It was 0K.
  2. How do you send someone the coldest okay ever? 0K
  3. What is the coldest kind of cheese? brrrrrata
  4. What's the coldest country in South America? I don't know but it's probably pretty Chile
  5. What is the coldest dish at a Mexican restaurant? a b-r-r-r-r-ito
  6. What is the coldest country in the world? Israel. Because israeli cold.
  7. Why is C the coldest letter? Because it's in the middle of ice.
  8. Why is AT&T park the coldest baseball stadium? It's full of Giant fans
  9. Who is the coldest living comedian? Bill Burr
  10. What group of terrorists is the coldest of them all? Ice-is
  11. What is the coldest gas? Brrrr-omine gas.
  12. What country has the coldest bean stew Chile
  13. What is the coldest lavatory in the world? Igloo
  14. What's the coldest type of reptile? Blizzards.
  15. What are the coldest triangles? Ice-sosceles

Coldest joke, What are the coldest triangles?

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I told my friend that my girlfriend went on holiday to the west indies.

He said "Jamaica"...
I said, "No, she went of her own accord." I then added, "For her next holiday, she's off to one of the coldest states in America."
He said "which one"
I said "Alaska".
He said, "don't bother. I'll ask her, myself."

Coldest joke, What are the coldest triangles?