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  1. I've heard that argentina is starting to get a little colder... In fact, it's bordering on Chile
  2. It's getting colder and colder outside, and my wife does nothing but looks through the window. If it goes on like this any longer, I think I will have to let her in.
  3. An uncle of mine used to throw a space heater into the pool to heat it up before he would go swimming during the colder months Come to think of it, he only did it once
  4. What does a house wear? Ad-dress
    Or maybe it can put on a couple paint coats when it gets colder
  5. I just started playing golf. I shoot in the 70's. If it is any colder my back stiffens up.
  6. Despite it getting colder, Starbucks doesn't sell as much hot coffee this time of year It's because in no-nut November, nobody orders fappucinos.

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  1. I used to be Genderfluid... But now it's getting colder and now I'm a solid.
  2. What gets colder as it gets hotter? Women.
  3. I love playing golf. I play into the 70's. Any colder and i dont play.
  4. You ever notice how.... the colder a shower, the quicker you start dancing.
  5. What is colder than the dwarf planet Pluto? Legal judgements against fathers
  6. What's colder than ice cream? ISIS
  7. You know how I know woman are colder than nen? Because there is no Uncle-Arctic.
  8. What's colder than cold? Absolute zero.
  9. You know why I always use the lower u**...? The water's colder.

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Outside is snowing hard.

My wife is looking thru the window with a nostalgic look.
If it is getting colder i might let her in.
PS: Sorry my native language is not english and i'm too old to learn it good.

Foul mouthed parrot

An old woman has a pet parrot with a filthy vocabulary. She warns him again and again to clean up his language. He just replies, "S\*!#w You, you old B\*\^$h.
So she grabs him and sticks him in the fridge to teach him a lesson.
As the poor parrot is there in the fridge, getting colder and colder, he spots a chicken, plucked and ready for the oven. He exclaims, "Holy s**...! What did you say to her"!

An old couple was lying in bed.

The husband let out a resounding f**... and said, "Touchdown. Seven points.".
Immediately his wife ripped her own and went, "Touchdown. 7-7!"
The husband responded with another colder and said, "14-7 my game."
Just then the wife came back with another f**... and declared, "14-14. I'm staying right with you!"
She then let out a little toot and said, "That must be a field goal. 17-14 my lead!"
Not to be outdone by his wife, the husband pushed as hard as he could to win this game. Unfortunately, he pushed too hard and s**... the bed.
His wife asked, "What the heck was that?"
"Half time. Switch sides."

Does anyone know the answer to the riddle that asks, "Is is colder on the farm or in the Winter? Which is longer, a rope?"

Does anyone know the answer to the riddle that asks, "Is is colder on the farm or in the Winter? Which is longer, a rope?" I have been trying to get this for the last month or so. There are a ton of clues that I can give for it, but I still can't come up with the right answer. I think it's one of those anti-joke riddles where the answer is something so obvious it lacks a c**....