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I've heard that Argentina is starting to get a little colder...

In fact, it's bordering on Chile

Outside is snowing hard.

My wife is looking thru the window with a nostalgic look.
If it is getting colder i might let her in.

PS: Sorry my native language is not english and i'm too old to learn it good.

What gets colder as it gets hotter?


Colder joke, What gets colder as it gets hotter?

Foul mouthed parrot

An old woman has a pet parrot with a filthy vocabulary. She warns him again and again to clean up his language. He just replies, "S\*!#w You, you old B\*\^$h.

So she grabs him and sticks him in the fridge to teach him a lesson.

As the poor parrot is there in the fridge, getting colder and colder, he spots a chicken, plucked and ready for the oven. He exclaims, "Holy shit! What did you say to her"!

It's getting colder and colder outside, and my wife does nothing but looks through the window.

If it goes on like this any longer, I think I will have to let her in.

An uncle of mine used to throw a space heater into the pool to heat it up before he would go swimming during the colder months

Come to think of it, he only did it once

I just started playing golf. I shoot in the 70's.

If it is any colder my back stiffens up.

Colder joke, I just started playing golf. I shoot in the 70's.

Despite it getting colder, Starbucks doesn't sell as much hot coffee this time of year

It's because in no-nut November, nobody orders fappucinos.

I love playing golf. I play into the 70's.

Any colder and i dont play.

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