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A local movie theatre was robbed of $600 worth of merchandise

The suspects stole 3 medium popcorns, 1 bag of skittles and 4 small diet cokes.


When I was a kid I could go to a corner store with a $1 and get 2 cokes, 1 kitkat and a gum

Nowadays there are CCTV cameras everywhere


What happened to the guy that drank 6 cokes?

He burped 7 up.


Back in my day...

You could go into a corner store with a dollar and come out with two Cokes, three candy bars, and a magazine.

Now, fucking security cameras everywhere.


What happened when the little boy drank 8 cokes?

He threw 7 up


When I was a kid, you could go into a corner shop with $1 and come out with 2 cokes, 3 Freedos and a magazine.

Nowadays, CCTV everywhere.


There was a new machine at the gym today.

I had to stop using it after an hour as i felt sick, but it was worth it got through 4 kit kats 2 cherry cokes and 2 packets of crisps.


Did you hear about the guy who chugged 8 cokes?

He burped 7-Up


Give me your best "I like my women..." joke

Obligatory; I like my women like I like my jack and cokes: single and inexpensive.

Let me hear yours


When I was a kid, I could get 2 cokes, 2 pringles, a pack of 6 beers (wtf) and loads of other stuff for just $1.

Now there are CCTV cameras everywhere.


How do you get a cocaine addict to check into rehab?

You gotta cokes him in


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