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is walking along a country path and comes upon Mark Wahlberg enjoying some coitus with an unfortunate sheep whose head has become stuck in a fence. says, "Hey Marky-Mark, what are you doing to that sheep?" Mark replies, "I was just walking along this path and I saw this sheep with its head stuck in the fence, so I thought I'd have a bit a fun. Care to have a go yourself?" says, "I'd love to" and sticks his head in the fence.

Child walks in on parents in coitus

Mummy and Daddy are having sex and their beautiful child walks in. Flustered, Mummy leaps off the bed (and off her husband) and wittingly tries to console what she thinks is her scarred son.

son: mummy, what's going on?
mum: oh son! I was just helping your daddy to flatten his belly
son: but why mummy? there's no point. the nanny just comes and blows it back up again.

I went to the doctors with a rather embarrassing problem the other day.

I have a habit during coitus where I yell my exact bearings shortly before being asked.

Apparently I suffer from premature exact location.

An anesthesiologist walks into a bar...

and goes to buy a drink. He sits next to a lonely, beautiful blonde and offers to buy her one too. After a couple hours they head back to her place and they have coitus. Next morning during coffee, she asks him: "Hey, are you an anesthesiologist?". He looks at her and says "Yea, why?" She goes: "I knew it! Last night I couldn't feel a thing!"

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