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Rumor is that Toy Story 4 will focus on

Andy's mother's toys, which coincidentally are called Woody and Buzz too.

Rumour has it Toy Story 4 is going to focus on Andy's mom's toys

Coincidentally, they are also called Woody and Buzz

My wife and I just celebrated 10 years of a happy marriage!

Coincidentally it happened to be our 30th anniversary.

Coincidentally joke, My wife and I just celebrated 10 years of a happy marriage!

Coincidentally, my friend asked me if I knew who Pavlov was while I was taking my intro to Psychology class.

I told him: "yeah, that name rings a bell"

In the box office this weekend, The Predator took first place followed by The Nun in second...

Which is coincidentally the same way the Catholic Church ranks their priorities.

I was doing some shopping at the supermarket...

...and had a cart full of groceries and a lovely bouquet of flowers. Coincidentally, my wife walked in just as I was checking out.

She noticed the flowers I was buying and jokingly said "Those had better be for me!"

The teenager at the register turned and said "Even if they weren't, they definitely are now!"

What is a Hawaiian sex act, and coincidentally, my favorite dessert?

Coconut cream pie

Coincidentally joke, What is a Hawaiian sex act, and coincidentally, my favorite dessert?

An acquaintance of mine said that when she feels down she puts on a skirt that's too short, and it helps.

Coincidentally, her wearing a skirt that's too short also helps me when I'm down.

Some Fun Facts

It's a well known fact that *Don't Stop Believing* is the number one song played at weddings.

A lesser known fact is that the song most played at funerals is *Don't Stop Bereaving*

Which, coincidentally, is the number one song played at Asian weddings.

I met my new girlfriend at a fancy dress party where coincidentally and bizarrely, we were both dressed as dolphins...

We just clicked...

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