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I went to the store today to buy some coconuts.

And a pack of gum, so it wouldn't be weird.

If coconut oil is made with coconuts,

Almond oil is made with almonds,

Groundnut oil is made with groundnuts,

Then I surely know what baby oil is.....

I don't know why I just bought some coconut shampoo

I haven't even got any coconuts.

Coconuts joke, I don't know why I just bought some coconut shampoo

How do you know a palm tree is getting old?

It's coconuts hang lower than its trunk.

Angle: so what your saying is you want me to put hair on the outside, and milk on the inside?

God: yep

Angel: ...OH! Well if you wanted me to make another mammal then why didn-

God: Nope

Angel: Wait what?

God: were making coconuts.

What big, brown, hairy, and has a white liquid inside?


Have you tried that new coconut shampoo?

It leaves your coconuts looking fabulous.

Coconuts joke, Have you tried that new coconut shampoo?

My crazy friend told to me to stop making low hanging fruit jokes....

So now I go for the coconuts

Create the sound of coconuts!...

...By banging two horses together!

If Life Gives You Coconuts......

***Breed Maggots***

What's the difference between Sonny the Cuckoo Bird and a Hawaiian masturbation addict?

Ones cuckoo for coco puffs and the other goes cuckoo for coconuts

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A mouse and an elephant

A male mouse and female elephant, which are very much in love with each other, are having sex in the jungle. Mr mouse does his best, but if course miss elephant didn't really enjoy it.

Monkeys up in the trees see the scene and decide to throw coconuts at them. Miss elephant is hit on the head and tell "ouch"

Mister mouse stops and asks, worried "Did I hurt you?"

(Translated from French, sorry for my English)

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