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Wrong side (nsfw)

This really tough Hells - Angel type bursts into a bar and goes to the middle of the bar, he orders a beer, gulps it down, turns to the people on the left and grows "All you people over there are a bunch of cocksuckers !" he gets a second beer, gulps that down, turns to the people on the right and growls "Your a bunch of stupid mother fuckers." all is still for a moment until a guy from the right side moves. The Hells - Angel says "where the fuck you going?" the guy says "I'm on the wrong side of the bar."


A big, burly biker walks into a bar.

He's a monster of a man, and he walks up to the bar and orders a shot of whiskey. Bartender slides him the shot, the biker picks it up, looks to his right and says, "You're all a bunch of cocksuckers!" and downs the shot. The bar is quiet as he orders another shot. Bartender slides it over, he picks it up, looks to his left and says, "You're all a bunch of mother fuckers!" Before he can down the shot he notices a little guy walking towards him from the left side of the bar. He looks at the little guy and says, "You gotta problem?". The little guys says meekly, "Um ... uh ... no, I'm just on the wrong side."


How do you recognize cocksuckers in the crowd?

It's written all over their face.


Why is it so hard to get a blowjob in Armenia?

Because all the cocksuckers are in Glendale.


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