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The Best Cockney Puns

I asked my cockney dad what I should buy my girlfriend for her birthday.

He said, 'You should give her a Pandora bracelet.'

So I gave her a pound.

Did you hear about the cockney hobo who offered no resistance to electrical current?

He was ohm-less.

How much does a cockney spend on shampoo?

Paan ten.

Two cockney men were talking...

The first one says "So my wife sailed to the West Indies last year". The other one asks "Jamaica?". The first man answers "No, she went on her own accord".

I think my cockney friend is obsessed with the desert.

I asked him what he thought of my mixtape and he said, "Sand's great."

How much does a Cockney spend on shampoo?


How much does a Cockney pay for shampoo?


What does a Cockney Barber do?


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