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How did the prostitute get a job at the zoo?

They heard she could handle a cockatoo.

What does your mom and a rain forest have in common?

If you look deep enough in the bush, you might find a cockatoo.

Australian kids are exposed to male genitals a lot growing up.

By the time they reach 18, they've definitely seen a cockatoo.

Cockatoo joke, Australian kids are exposed to male genitals a lot growing up.

I have my suspicions my vet might be gay..

I can tell just from looking at him he's seen a cockatoo.

So my ex-wife is a bird lover...

she always wanted a black cockatoo

Liberace dies an regains consciousness outside the pearly gates.

St. Peter says, I'm sorry, Liberace, but you can't come in. It says right here you ate a parrot. That's God's favorite bird. There's no way I can let you in. Liberace responds, No, no! You got the wrong guy! I never ate a parrot!...

...Now, I mighta ate a cockatoo...

Elton John has never had a parrot

But he's had a cockatoo

Cockatoo joke, Elton John has never had a parrot

Have you ever stroked a parrot?

I bet you've stroked a cockatoo...

Ever hear about the girl who was sexually into birds?

She sucked cockatoo

What do you call half of a cockatoo?

A cockaone

Broke up with my gf because she liked birds too much...

her favorite being a cockatoo... at the same time.

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I'm no bird expert but...

I've seen a cockatoo.

[NSFW] Have you ever owned a parakeet?

Because you look like you love a Cockatoo

Know how to tell if your local pet store owner is gay?

See how happy they get when you want to see a cockatoo.

Female parrot thief on the loose

Shes been known to take a cockatoo

Apparently, Elton John has never owned a parrot

But he's certainly had a cockatoo.

Cockatoo joke, Apparently, Elton John has never owned a parrot

Did you hear about the woman who lived alone with her bird?

She's had a cockatoo over the years, but never a husband.

My girlfriend is no bird thief...

...but she could take a cockatoo.

My Bostonian girlfriend cheated on me with multiple people. I thought she wanted to get a bird...

... turns out she had a different cockatoo in mind.

A promiscuous homosexual man who collects birds of paradise,

Loves a cockatoo

If dickbutt was a bird.

It would be a cockatoo.

Have you ever had a Parrot on your right shoulder?

No? How about a Pigeon on your left?
Okay then... Open your mouth...
I bet you've had a Cockatoo in there!

What do a tropical bird expert and a pornstar have in common?

They both know how to handle a cockatoo.

Did you hear about the bird that was into group sex?

She loved getting a cock-a-too

Do you like birds?

I don't know, you just kind of strike me as the type of guy that would enjoy a cockatoo.

Patient: Doctor! Doctor! My mouth tastes like the bottom of a birdcage!

Dentist: Yes, I can see there's been a cockatoo in there.

I always see gay guys looking at the birds in the local pet store. I wondered why, but then I realized...

...hey, I'm sure they'd love a cockatoo.
(I just made this joke up after watching 15 episodes of The Sopranos and thinking in the New Jersey Italian-American, whatever you want to call it, accent.)

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