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The Best Cobbler Puns

Leave the peach cobbler in the kitchen alone, mother would say, going upstairs.

But I couldn't help myself, I sneaked in and watched him making those stupid little peach shoes.

A priest walks into a shoemakers shope...

And says to the cobbler,

"Help! My soles need heeling!"

Leave the peach cobbler in the kitchen alone, mother said, going upstairs.

But I couldn't help myself. I sneaked in and watched him. Watched him make his stupid little peach shoes, taunting.

Nobody's going to wear those, I said. They're stupid.

But on he worked.

I am so upset. Everything I look at turns into peach cobbler

My world is crumbling around me

A cobbler was once elected the mayor of a small town.

People thought he was a real shoe-in.

If some last names were an ancestor's profession (Baker, Cobbler)

How do you explain Dickinson?

What did the cobbler say to get the slavs off his lawn?

Shoe polish

What did the lumberjack cobbler make?

Wooden shoe like to know?

Chris Christie's Favorite New Dessert???

Impeach Cobbler

What's the cobblers favorite brand of chocolate?


What did the cobbler say when he had a cold?


Did you hear about the cobbler who made a deal with the devil?

He sold his sole

If you were a shoe-maker that came out with a new design called "The Gock"

Would you be called "The Gock Cobbler"?

-Just thought of this today, I can't be the first.

Why do we eat cobbler on 7/22?

Because it's pretty close to pie.

What does the cobbler do for all of his money?

Invests in the Birkenstock exchange

My local cobbler broke the bottom of my shoes tryng to fix them...

I guess that is his sole responsibility.

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