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The Best Cobble Puns

Two nuns went for a bike ride and ride down a cobble stone street

One says I haven't come this way before.
The other says neither have I just hold on and enjoy it

Sister Mary and Sister Francis are riding their bikes from the vestibule to the rectory....

Sister Mary says to Sister Francis, "I've never came this way before!"
And Sister Francis says "It must be the cobble stone street!"

A cobbler was once elected the mayor of a small town.

People thought he was a real shoe-in.

2 women are going for a bike ride.

They turn down an old alley way. one woman says to the other

"I've never come this way before."

the other woman says

"yeah, i think it's the cobble stones."

What do turkeys like to walk on?

Cobble cobble cobble

Two nuns were riding though the streets

and realised they were late for church, one said to the other "I know a short cut" they zip through back streets and down a cobble stone path, the other Nun says "I've never come this way before!" The fist Nun replies "yeah, it's the cobble stones"

What did the cobbler say to get the slavs off his lawn?

Shoe polish

Two nuns riding through the garden of the convent...

They giggle, laugh and scream as they ride their bikes over the cobble stone paths. All of a sudden, the window of Mother Superior swings open. She shouts:" Girls! Keep it down, or I'm having the saddles re-installed!"

What's the cobblers favorite brand of chocolate?


What did the cobbler say when he had a cold?


There is nothing more permanent than a temperate solution , because putting something together in a logical manner is too much work. It's easier to just cobble something together and call it a day.

Legislation, roadwork, your soul-crushing loneliness...just to name a few.

What did the corn say to the turkey?

Cob-ble, cob-ble, cob-ble

What does the cobbler do for all of his money?

Invests in the Birkenstock exchange

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