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The teacher asks all the students to draw something on the board that's exciting...

All the other kids draw rockets, jet planes, roller coasters, and so on. But little Johnny goes up to the board, draws a dot, and sits down.

The teacher says "Johnny, there's nothing exciting about a dot. How can a dot cause excitement?"

Johnny replies "That's not a dot, it's a period, and my sister just missed hers, and it's causing a lot of excitement at our house!"

Why wouldn't the skeleton ride any roller coasters?

He just didn't have the stomach for them.

I find that most women are like roller coasters...

They won't let me on them because I'm too fat.

Coasters joke, I find that most women are like roller coasters...

Women are like roller coasters.


I tend to observe them from a safe distance, and I'll never go on a big one.

A guy orders a beer at the bar.

The bartender puts the beer pint in front of him with the coaster under the glass.

Guy drinks his beer and orders another one, the bartender picks up the beer glass but doesn't find a coaster and thinks nothing of it and serves the guy another round.

A few rounds like that and the guy orders another beer but the bartender not having any coasters near him just serves the beer without the coaster.

The guy goes:

"What, no biscuit this time?"

Roller coasters are like your first time having sex.

for the amount of time it takes to get there, you wish it lasted longer.

I invited two people from the US Coast over for coffee.

They left stains all over my coffee table.

I expected them 2 US coasters

This joke still needs some work...

Coasters joke, I invited two people from the US Coast over for coffee.

Do the french like roller coasters?

Weee weee

Women are like roller coasters

Women are like roller coasters, they have their ups and downs but in the end you always finish riding way to early.

What do toilets yell when they ride roller coasters?


I hate hearing jokes about midgets and roller coasters.

They usually come up short.

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I hate roller coasters. They always have so much potential, then they go downhill.

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